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Kate Higgins

Kate Higgins works in a lab.

What is your thesis topic?
The growth of cation alloyed lead halide perovskite single crystals for ionizing radiation detection.

How is materials processing involved in your research?
My research funded by the CMP studied the ionic conductivity of binary sesquioxide mixtures, i.e., mixtures of M’2O3-M’’2O3 (where M’ and M’’ represent distinct trivalent M3+ metal cations). I began my research fabricating a set of M’2O3-M’’2O3 bixbyite solid solution samples using a variety of techniques that include: conventional dry ceramic processing; (1) wet chemical processing (sol-gel or Pechini methods), (2) hot press sintering, and (3) the cryochemical method of freeze drying. The fast ion transport of these materials is critical to several energy technologies, including batteries, fuel cells, separation membranes, and catalysts.