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2018 Annual Report

The Center for Materials Processing (CMP) at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is an “Accomplished Center of Excellence” established in 1985 by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC). The mission of the CMP is to foster and promote teaching and research related to materials processing with the objective of providing technology that can be the starting point for new product development or provide solutions to problems related to the performance of materials improving industrial competitiveness. The mission is achieved by support of interdisciplinary research in departments across the campus. The faculty and students associated with the CMP conduct studies in their home academic departments.

The state appropriated funds from THEC are matched by support from industry, governmental agencies, faculty, and academic departments. Industrial support is provided through CMP Memberships, research contracts, and gifts.

The CMP has a close relationship with the research staff of UT-Battelle, LLC (Oak Ridge National Laboratory). Several UT faculty members have joint appointments as research staff at ORNL. Contracts from ORNL provide support for research faculty who conduct research as guest scientist/engineers at the facility.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Due to broad spectrum of materials processing, CMP’s research activities ofetn require an interdisciplinary approach. Faculty and staff in the UT Tickle College of Engineering’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering provide a great deal of support, however, participating researchers come from a variety of engineering disciplines including aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, mechanical and nuclear engineering. Faculty from other UT colleges and schools are also involved in CMP research.

CMP Industry Memberships

The University of Tennessee invites you to join the top scientists and engineers at the Center for Materials Processing. Together we can develop the research and academic programs needed to address the needs of American industry in the important field of materials. An important feature of funds derived from CMP Memberships is the cost sharing of facilities and administrative costs (indirect costs) by the university. Full membership fees support graduate-level research directed by faculty in the participating department while Associate membership fees support undergraduate-level research. The CMP facilities-level membership fees provide a mechanism for industry to access unique and specialized equipment. In addition to supporting research activities, Memberships allow the technical staff of a company to access and use unique equipment located in university laboratories. This feature is particularly important to companies located in Tennessee.

By participation and being a member, your company will benefit in the following ways:

  • Shared-cost research
  • Direct and early access to trained engineering graduates involved in CMP research activities
  • Opportunity to work with CMP staff
  • Influence on the direction of research activities
  • Pre-publication access to CMP reports
  • Royalty-free non-exclusive access to patents resulting from the Center’s research

Associate memberships often support undergraduate research and have most of the benefits listed above.

Full Membership Agreement

Facilities Membership Agreement