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Chris Ostrochov

Chris Ostrouchov is currently a Ph.D candidate and Chancellor’s Fellow in the department of Material Science and Engineering (MSE) working under the direction of his advisor, Dr. William Weber. His group focuses on understanding the fundamental physics behind radiation effects in materials, especially ion beam modification of materials. Mr. Ostroucov received his bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics with a minor in computer science from Clemson University.

While working in Dr. Weber’s group, Mr. Ostrouchov has helped teach several graduate thermodynamics courses and a computational material science class focusing on density functional theory. For his teaching, Mr. Ostrouchov received the “Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Teaching” from the MSE department in the spring of 2017. In addition to teaching, he was the president of the UTK Materials Research Society, leading outreach events that educated others about material science.

Mr. Ostrouchov’s broach research interests include the intersection of computation, statistics, and materials science. His undergraduate experiences taught him the importance of testing, reproducibility, and documentation to scientific codes, and he hopes to help bring that to computational materials research. Currently, his research focuses on interatomic-potential development for molecular dynamics. Mr. Ostrouchov is passionate about this work due to the application of advanced optimization methods and requiredworkflow automation of codes such as LAMMPS, VASP, and SIESTA. These potentials are especially important in the field of radiation materials due to current potentials not being suitable for non-equilibrium conditions.