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Yan-Ru Lin

Yan-Ru Lin.What is your thesis topic?
My thesis topic is on the fundamental understanding of microstructural evolution of irradiation-induced defects in high purity Fe and Fe-Cr alloys. The main material characterization technique for the irradiated samples utilizes state-of-the-art transmission electron microscopy.

How is materials processing involved in your research?
The expected impacts related to materials processing include providing comprehensive information on the microstructural phase stability of Fe-Cr alloys, ideal Cr content for advanced ferritic/martensitic steel design, and dependence of He on phase boundary temperature. In addition, the fundamental understanding obtained from the selected model alloys can be applied to other more complex ferritic/martensitic steels with novel material processing techniques that are in the beginning stages of exploration by other researchers (e.g., nanostructured steels produced by additive manufacturing).

Provide an example of where the material, process, or properties you are studying might find an application.
Ferritic/martensitic steels are promising structural material candidates for fusion and advanced fission reactors due to their desirable mechanical properties and significant resistance to degradation from neutron irradiation. One of the most attractive properties for nuclear applications is its superior resistance to void swelling. The addition of nano-dispersoids in ferritic/martensitic steels can further enhance the high temperature creep strength. This improvement enables these nanostructured steals to become candidates for cladding tubes in next generation sodium-cooled fast reactors and other potential applications.